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We have e-learning content on Grenada's history, heritage and culture for children (ages 7 to 12).

What is e-learning?

e-learning - e-leaning is online learning for students that allow for self-paced learning. Students can do this learning on their own. 

Who is e-learning for?

e-learning is the future of learning. It fosters independent learning of students to learn and discover on their own through interactive digital learning.

e-learning is great for any student. It helps students to self-discover and build their critical thinking skills. It is a non-traditional way of learning.

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Who we cater to?

  1. Parents: We cater to parents who want their children to learn in new modern ways to help them build their digital literacy, digital skills, hand coordination, critical thinking and listening skills. 

  2. Schools: We cater to schools who have the IT infrastructure (computer and internet) who are interested in non-traditional learning for their students. This can be schools in Grenada, within the Caribbean region, or international. 

Our Content

Island Learning Grenada has a suite of e-learning content on Grenada's history, heritage and culture:

  • Grenada spices

  • Grenada flowers

  • Exotic animals in Grenada

  • Cocoa

  • Oil down

  • Independence

  • Fruits and vegetables

How it works:

Island Learning Grenada offers subscription to our e-learning content. Annual subscription is done. There are three subscription packages available. 

Our e-learning content is hosted on is a Learning Management System for course delivery, owned and operated by eLearning Kings. eLearning Kings is a local business based in Pearls, Saint Andrew's, Grenada.


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Contact us:

If you are interested in our e-learning, reach out to us on:


Whatsapp (local): 4735354745

International: 13063514407

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