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Untraditional sports in Grenada - Horse racing

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Horse racing used to be popular in Grenada as a sport. The sport has since died out. The start of the sport dates back to the days of plantation life. It was brought from Europe by the planters so started as a sport of the elite.


Horse racing was started in the 1700s. The first set of horses came to Grenada and was brought by the planters. The first official racecourse for horseracing was located in Grand Anse. Later in the 1900s, the racecourse was moved to Queen's Park, River Road, St. George's. There were also race tracks in Simon and Telescope, St. Andrew's.

The rise of the sport

Horseracing became very popular. Horses were bred locally.

Grenada was able to compete across the Caribbean. There were annual events on island such as the Governor General Cup. There were horse racing clubs in St. George's such as The Turf Club. Popular horse racers were Norbert Nyack and John Branch.

Norbert Nyack opened a racecourse in telescope - The Telescope Race Track. Norbert was a wealthy farmer, and the former owner of Belmont Estate.

horse racing Grenada

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Today, horses are used in the tourism industry and riding horses is an activity offered to tourists. To a limited extent, locals engage in horse racing. Check out - Bonanza Stables - Pure Grenada

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