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Spice Island DigiContent is a holistic content creation company, focused on sharing Grenadian way
of life - history, heritage and culture to Grenadian children wherever they are in the world.

We create and design curated content that is engaging and fun.

The business is owned by Grenadian, Christell Simeon - an experienced educator, and instructional designer. 


Our Mission

We want to grow and build Grenadian pride in a bold way in Grenadian children worldwide.


We want to celebrate 100% Grenadian pride in every single corner of the globe.

Grenadians are fearless and we want to help grow and build our Grenadian community.


We support Grenada to the WORLD.


We bring Grenada in a new and exciting way for your children to enjoy in the comfort of your home, wherever that you are in the world.

What we Do

Our business provide learning for the Grenadian children. We want to help grow the future generation of Grenadians. Our primary service is heritage education for children in Grenada and Grenadian diaspora.  

About the Business

Spice Island DigiContent was started in January 2021. Initial funding was provided by CARCIP. 

The main service offering of Spice Island DigiContent is Island Learning Grenada. Island Learning Grenada offers online courses and virtual learning sessions to educate on Grenada's history, heritage and culture. 


Our Vision is to the the leading choice for Grenadian based educational content for Grenadians living in the Diaspora. Our mission is to help educate the next generation of Grenadians, where ever they are living in the world. 


I am very proud and honoured to share Grenada's history, culture and heritage in a new and exciting way for Grenadian children. I believe that all Grenadian children should be educated on their history. By the words of the famous Marcus Garvey:  “A people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”


About the Owner

I am Christell Simeon, a Grenadian by birth. I grew up in Westerhall, Saint David's. As a child, I have always had a passion for history. History was my very favourite subject at secondary school, and later on at TAMCC. I hold both a distinction in Caribbean history at the CSEC and also at CAPE levels. I worked a previous educator of Caribbean history at the secondary school level at the Presentation Brothers College for eight years (2005-2013). I am UNESCO trained in culture and heritage entrepreneurship. 


My favourite topics in Grenadian history are Fedon's rebellion and the history of the sugar plantations including the traditions of West Africa brought by the slaves, which are the roots of our Grenadian culture and heritage. 


Island Learning Grenada provides the opportunity to preserve our cultural heritage and traditions through education and digital technologies. 


Island Learning Grenada is the second place winner of the OECS Business Pitch competition 2022. 

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About Spice Island DigiContent 

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