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Island Learning Podcast

Welcome to Island Learning Grenada Podcast!  Our podcast educates on Grenada's history, heritage and culture. In the future, we plan on expanding to nature, wildlife and marine life.  

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Season 3

Cultural Traditions and Practices

This season focused on education on cultural practices and traditions done in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

Episode 1: Saraka/Salaka
Episode 2: Guy Fawkes Day
Episode 3: French influences
Episode 4: Breadfruit


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Season 4

Grenada Revolution

Season 5

Traditional mas

This season focused on education on Traditional mas which is part of Spicemas. Spicemas is Carnival Celebrations in Grenada and is a major cultural event. 

Episode 1: Shortknee
Episode 2: Vieux Corps
Episode 3: Apache Wild Indian


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The Grenada Revolution (11).png

Season 6


Coming soon in January 2024 - This will focus on Grenada's journey to independence and all the significant events leading up to 1974.

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