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Taking Grenada Global

Our mission is to educate on Grenada's history, heritage, culture, nature and wildlife. We provide curated immersive learning experiences on Grenada! 


We offer courses and learning content for children, between the ages 5 to 17 years old.  Courses have been designed to cater for learning needs within five age groups.  

Featured Courses

Grenadian History

Grenadian Heritage

Grenadian Culture

Flowers - Ginger Lily.jpg

Grenada has some of the most beautiful flowers. Learn about Grenada’s flowers.


Grenada has some of the most exotic animals. Learn about Grenada’s wild and exotic animals.

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Grenada is called the Spice Isle. Learn about Grenada's famous spices.

Cocoa pod.jpg

Cocoa is one of the main export products. Learn about Grenada cocoa, and of course, Chocolate.

Cocoa (1).png

We drink so many traditional teas in Grenada. Learn about Grenada’s popular teas.


Every year, we celebrate independence on February 07. Learn about how Grenada became independent


Grenada has a strong boat-building tradition. Learn about boat building in Grenada. 

Fort George.jpg

Grenada has a rich history. Learn about Grenada forts - Fredrick, Mathew and George.

Virtual classes

We offer Virtual classes via Zoom for families as a family learning experience on aspects of Grenada's history, heritage and culture.   



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Coconut candy
Mauby and spices
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