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Janet Houses - Grenadian Architecture

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

In Grenada, there are still examples of Janet Houses that can be found scattered across the island. Janet houses came to Grenada in the period after the passing of Hurricane Janet in 1955. Hurricane Janet was the first ever major hurricane to make landfall in Grenada, and cause destruction to the islands.

Hurricane Janet

Hurricane Janet made landfall on September 22, 1955. It was the first hurricane to impact the island of Grenada. It is estimated that over 120 people died in this hurricane, and many houses were destroyed.

Janet house

Janet houses were imported into Grenada to address the housing problem in Grenada as a result of Hurricane Janet. Janet houses were pre-cut houses. Janet houses are made from wood. They are one-bedroom houses. The most distinct feature is the four concrete, short pillars on which the houses are placed on and form the foundation for the house. The houses had two wooden windows, and one door for entrance into the home.

Hurricane Janet Grenada

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