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Juju Warriors - Traditional mas in Grenada

The Juju warriors is one of the traditional mas bands that can be found in Grenada. The St. Patrick's Juju warriors is found in the historical parish of St. Patrick. The band leader is Gertrude or Trudi Baptiste. Trudi runs an Eco Art ranch cultural centre for young people aimed at passing on the traditions to younger generations.


The concept of the JuJu warriors came from a calypso song from Trinidadian calypsonian, Calypso Rose. The designs of the Juju warriors originate from the clothing designs in the video.

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Historical relevance:

The Juju warriors is representation of the island's rich African heritage and tradition. The mas is deeply connected to the homeland, West Africa, and elements such as drumming is a key element of the mas.


The masqueraders are dressed in African clothing. They use paint on their bodies including their face and arms. They often can be seen carrying a stick which serves as a spear used by warriors.

Source: Now Grenada

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