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Relics of the Grenada Revolution

There are relics today that exist in Grenadian community and life that dates back to the revolutionary period from 1979 to 1983.

Housing Schemes

Several housing schemes were started during the revolutionary period. These include Grand Anse Housing Scheme and Corinth Housing Scheme. The Grand Anse Housing Scheme is one of the largest communities in the south of the island. This housing scheme has expanded greatly over the last three decades. The Corinth Housing Scheme has also expanded, though not at the same size as Grand Anse.

Banking sector

The National Commercial bank (today Republic Bank owned by Trinidad and Tobago) was started in October 1979. The NCB remained one of the few indigenous banks in Grenada before its sale to Republic Bank.

The Grenada Development Bank (GDB) was taken over by the PRG and later became a Statutory body under the government.

Source: GDB website

Cadet Corps

Cadet Corps was started in the revolution as an avenue to engage young girls and boys in learning discipline, and military tactics. The Cadet Corps was stopped post revolution but returned in the period 2008 to 2013 government under the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Source: Grenada Cadet Corps Facebook page

Relationship with Cuba

Grenada has maintained ties with Cuba post the Grenada revolution. Ties between Cuba and Grenada continues to produce scholarships for students to study in Cuba. Evident within our society are Cuban trained doctors and engineers and other professionals.

Planes on Pearls Airport

Plane remnants from the invasion of October 1983 which destroyed planes on the Pearls airport tarmac. Pearls Airport itself was closed in 1984.

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