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Grenada Climate

Grenada is located within the Southern Caribbean, and has tropical weather throughout the year.

Grenada weather


There are two seasons in Grenada: Dry season and Wet season.

The dry season runs from January to May. During this season, rainfall is low, an dry spells are experienced. Water shortages can be an occurrence in certain areas of the island. Tanks and water storage systems are important to maintain steady water supply.

The wet season runs from June to December. During this season, rainfall can be heavy, with tropical waves, depressions, storms or hurricanes in months such as July, August and September. Grenada has had two major hurricanes - Hurricane Janet in 1955 and Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Both hurricanes devastated the island. Tropical storms have also occurred including Tropical Storm Emily in 2005. Flooding can be experienced in high risk areas where large rivers exists such as St. Johns river in River road, St. George's, and Balthazar bridge in St. Andrew's. Landslides do occur in high risk areas.


The temperature ranges from 25 degrees Celsius to 31.4 degrees Celsius.


Annual rainfall ranges from 750 to 1400 mm. The meteorology office at the Maurice Bishop International Airport monitors rainfall throughout the year.

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