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Grenada Population

Grenada population is about 112,000 people. The growth of the population has remained steady over the last decade or so. The last figures as shown by the World Bank puts Grenada's population at 112,002 persons. There are more females compared to males in the population - males (50,379) and females (55,853). View more here.

Grenada is ranked at 195 for World population. Life expectancy is about 70 years of age. Grenada has a young population, with more than 50 percent of the population under the age of 50. The size of Grenada is 344 Km2, and there are about 329 people per Km2. The parish of Saint George has the highest population density on island.

The population numbers are only slightly impacted by migration to more developed countries such as USA, Canada and UK. In the early years, places of migration included Trinidad, Venezuela, Aruba and Panama when there was the Oil boom. With migration, persons leave Grenada to live in other countries for a better life including pursuit of jobs, or higher education. In turn, they send remittance home to their family and relatives. Remittances contribute to the Gross domestic Product (GDP) of Grenada.

Credits: WorldinMaps

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