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Grenada - Our African origin

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The question is asked about "where do we come from?". There is evidence to suggest that Grenadians came from West Africa, brought through the transatlantic slave trade to the tri-island. Our ancestors were of three origins: Igbo, Akan and Temne.

Source: Spice Island DigiContent

African origin


One-third of the slaves who were brought to Grenada came from a region of West Africa called the Bight of Biafra. Those persons were of Igbo origin. Igbo peoples are from the area called Igboland which is located to the southeastern Nigeria. Igbo people speak the Igbo language. Traditions associated with the Igbo people include: respect for elders, burial practices used to honour the dead, and eating of foods such as Cassava, yam and corn (maize). Igbo people play string musical instruments, and the presence of string band music is an example of Igbo tradition.

The Igbo people are also known to practice the Obeah religion.


Slaves were also brought from the Gold Coast of West Africa. Those who came from this area were from the Akan tribe. Evidence of Akan tradition in Grenada is Anansi stories. Anansi stories are based on a spider who plays tricks on people and a story found in the Akan culture. Skills such as weaving of cloth and pottery are of Akan origin.


About 11% of the slaves who came to Grenada came from Sierre Leone region. Sierra Leone was an important trading country for Britain during the slave trade. These slaves were from the Temne nation. Later, in the post-emancipation period, about 2700 liberated Africans came to the Grenada from the Temne nation. The majority of them settled in Carriacou.

Other origins

Other areas in West African where our ancestors came from include Senegambia Coast and Windward Coast.

Source: Spice Island DigiContent

African continent
Grenadian ancestors

Source: Dr. Shantel George - Tracing the Ethnic Origins of enslaved Africans in Grenada.

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