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We are a blend of people - our Maltese ancestors!

While most of our ancestors came from West Africa, Grenadians do have Maltese ancestors. Malta is a small island in the Mediterranean Sea in which indentured labourers were taken from during the post emancipation period to work on sugar plantations in Grenada.

Geographical location

Source: Spice Island DigiContent


The first shipment of Maltese people were brought to Grenada between 1836 and 1837. These people arrived on the boat called Inglist Naprin. The last shipment of Maltese arrived in 1841 to Grenada.


Where did they settle?:

The Maltese worked for a short time on the plantation, then became small peddlers and porters. Communities in which they settled include:

  • Brizan

  • Morne Jaloux

  • Upper Mt. Parnassus

  • Bailles Bacolet

  • Upper La Tante

  • Gouyave

  • Palmiste

  • Grand Etang

  • Morne Fendue

  • Mt. Rose

  • Mt. Alexander

What did they bring to Grenada?:

It is not recorded what the Maltese brought to Grenada. What is known was that Malta is a highly Roman Catholic country. The period in which they were brought were during the French colonization of the island, and they may have added to Catholic faith numbers. Also, the Maltese spoke Latin which is the origin language of the Catholic Church.

Source: Grenada - Island of Conflict: From Amerindians to People's Revolution 1498-1979 by George Brizan

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