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Traditional herbal remedies - Part 1

Traditional herbal medicinal remedies found in Grenada comes from a fusion of indigenous and West African heritage. Deeply rooted within these two aspects of our heritage are curative remedies applicable to the improvement of health. These remedies contributed to the long lives of our foreparents. There is need to pass on these herbal remedies and traditions to the future generations. As persons seek more alternative medical remedies to their ailments, our herbal remedies and traditions in Grenada can serve to alleviate pains, aches and have healing powers.

Lemon Grass

Lemon grass can be used to treat colds and fevers. It can also treat bronchitis. Boil the lemon grass and drink two teaspoons in the morning.

Lemon grass


Mauby comes from the bark of the tree. Mauby bark has to be boiled. Cinnamon can be added to the tea mixture for flavour. Drinking mauby can be used to lower cholesterol, and to reduce blood pressure. Mauby also has aphrodisiac properties and can be drunk to remedy sexual impotence.


Black sage

Black sage bush can be boiled and be made into black sage tea. Black sage tea has a very bitter taste. The water can be boiled, and the black sage leaves stiped in the boiled water. Black sage tea is good for improving circulation in the body and improving digestive health to reduce digestion issues. Drinking too much black sage tea can destroy the liver. Recommended use is one cup of tea weekly.

Herbal remedies Grenada

Senna Pod

Senna pod leaves can be drawn in boiling water. Two or three leaves can be used to make Senna pod tea. Senna pod tea has laxative effects and can relieve constipation and improve bowel movement. Drink one spoon of Senna pod tea for the week for overall colon health.

Herbal remedies Grenada


Honeysuckle can be used in baths to relieve fever from children. As a tea, honeysuckle tea can be used to improve overall immune health by helping to reduce bodily infections and allergic reactions. This is because honeysuckle removes toxins from the body. Honeysuckle tea can reduce inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and lessen headaches.

Honeysuckle Grenada

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