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Grenada - National Dish

Oil down is the national dish of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Oil down is made using Breadfruit. A plate of Oil down can be enjoyed through the year, more so during February, the month of independence.

The National dish is part of the national symbols of independence of Grenada. Grenada achieved its independence in 1974.


Learn more about Breadfruit in this video.

Here are the key ingredients to make Oil down:

  • Breadfruit

  • Callaloo

  • Pumpkin

  • Salted meat such as pigtail, saltfish

  • Chicken

  • Provision such as green fig

  • Dumpling (flour mixed with salted water)

  • Coconut milk

  • Curry

  • Turmeric or Saffron

  • Crab (for those who like shellfish)

  • Carrots

Technique in making Oil down

One of the most critical techniques in making Oil down is the packing of the pot. Using a layered technique, the key ingredients are packed into the pot, starting with the breadfruit, and then intertwined with the vegetables and meat. At the top are the dumplings and the callaloo.


Oil down can be cooked on a stove or on a fireside. On a stove, it takes about 1 hour. On a fireside, it can take a couple hours as the pot tends to be larger, and the heat uneven.

Pictures of the Oil down making process:

Cutting up of the Breadfruit

Oil down

Grating of the Coconut to make Coconut milk

Oil down

Packing of the pot

Oil down

Cooking process

Oil down

Final dish

Oil down

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