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Traditional eating utensils - Calabash bowls

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

There still remains traditional eating utensils that are still used within Grenadian cuisine. They are utensils used for the serving of food.

Calabash bowls

The Calabash is a tree that is grown in Grenada. The calabash tree produces a fruit in a green, hard shell. The hard shell is hollowed out and the inside removed. The shell is cut into two halves, and then dried in the sun. The dried calabash shells are used as bowls to serve food, for example, Oil down. The calabash bowls are natural and can be kept in their natural colour or painted. At Art Fabrik Grenada, coloured calabash bowls that are decorative can be found on sale.

The origin of the Calabash bowls comes from our African heritage. The first use of the Calabash was to carry water within African society.

Picture: Calabash bowl


Video: making Calabash bowls

Source: Simon Thompson

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