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Liming in Grenada - how we lime as Grenadians

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Liming is very common practice in Grenada. Liming is the practice of chilling or relaxing on an afternoon or evening.

Source: Beautiful Grenada

Grenada liming
Liming scene


Typically, the days for liming are Fridays and Saturdays. Although any day of the week can be used for liming.


Popular locations for liming are rum shops. Rum shops are establishments that sell spirits or liquors. Rum shops are a regular place for social gatherings, and a staple in the Grenadian community. A rum shop can be found at every community or village in Grenada.


Activities done during a regular lime include drinking rum at rum shops, as well as playing cards and dominos. "Knocking dominos" is a phrase used to describe the playing of dominoes. Domino competitions are also held. Card games played include Rummy.


Deck of cards

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