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Fisherman's Birthday

Fisherman's Birthday is an annual celebration to celebrate and commemorate the contribution of fishermen to Grenadian society. Fishermen's birthday is celebrated each year on June 29. It is the feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Celebrations are held in the fishing capital of Grenada, Gouyave in the parish of St. John.


Fishermen contribute to food security in Grenada. On a daily basis, fishermen catch fish used to feed local families as well as for export. Popular fish caught and sold by Grenadian fishermen include tuna, kingfish, flying fish and dolphin. There is also jacks and tititree.

The blowing of conch shells signals that there is fish for sale. This attracts the community to come out and purchase the fish from the fishermen. In places throughout Grenada, there are fish markets. Locations include the St. George's fish market on Melville Street and the Grenville fish market. The Carenage is an area where jacks and tititree can be found occasionally for sale. Other local community areas such as Grand mal, Soubise, and Victoria are fishing communities.

Gouyave which is the fishing capital holds a weekly food and cultural festival on a Friday to feature fish. Fish Friday activities began in 2005. At the festival, a variety of fish foods can be found including fry fish and grilled fish.

Fishermen birthday celebrations

Fishermen celebrations begin with a church service in the St. Peter's R.C Church. St. Peter is the patron saint of fishermen. This is followed by blessing of the boats and nets, and then ending with food, music and cultural performances. The town of Gouyave and surrounding areas including the Lance come alive with fishermen birthday celebrations.

Picture: Fishermen's boats docked

Fishing boats
Fishing boats

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