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Nicknames - Tradition in Grenada

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The use of Nicknames is very prevalent in Grenada. The practice of calling of a person, place or thing by a name other than their real name is nicknaming. It is part of the informal oral tradition that is part of Grenadian living.

Nicknames may be given due to someone's physical appearance, achievements, personality, relationships, profession, habits, likes or dislikes, pastimes, affiliations, family links or specific life events.

Nicknames are often given by those closest to us including classmates, family members, friends, community members, co-workers etc. Nicknames remain with the individual for their entire life. Typically, a person gets a nickname since as a child, and that name stay with them forever. Often, the nickname can be heard during the death announcement.

Examples of nicknames include chubby, Redz, honey, magga, doc and babes.

Source: They call me.... A look of nicknames on the Caribbean island of Grenada by Shirley Anstis

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