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Grenadian childhood games

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

There are a few games that are associated with growing up in Grenadian life. While some of these games are no longer played due to the introduction of technological devices such as tablets and video games. Most definitely, those who would have grown up in the period before 2000s would recall some of these favourite childhood games.

Spinning top

This was a favourite among boys in primary schools. Whether it was during the lunch time or afterschool, spinning the top took their attention. The top is made of wood and twine or string. It was handmade by the boys themselves or some member of their family.

To spin the top, the top had to be positioned between the index finger and the middle finger. Then, the top was then let go with a jerk of the hand, towards the ground.

Spinning top
A Wooden Top


The playing of marbles could be seen behind of the school or anywhere there was open space. Boys would gather to play marbles. Glass marbles are the most common. Pitching marbles was the game activity with each boy attempting to outpitch the other. It was a skill like no other and some mastered it well. If there was a gathering of boys anywhere, most likely a game of marble was being played.

To play the game, draw a circle, setup the marbles in sets within the circle, and then begin to pitch the marbles.

Pitching marbles

Pitching marbles Grenada
Playing marbles


Hopscotch was the game for the girls. A hopscotch had to be hand drawn using chalk onto the ground. The squares have to be marked by a number. The design was consistent in terms of how the squares had to be placed on the ground.

Hopscotch Grenada

Ring Games

Ring games involve singing and playing. A popular ring games was "Brown girl in the ring" in which a girl would go to the center of a ring of girls and showcase her talent.

Source: Beth's Lyrics


This is a game involving a rectangle that is divided into 8. One person uses chalk to draw the rectangle on the ground. There are four sections on one side, and another four sections on the other side. Players use a ball to move through the eight sections of the rectangle. This game is a favorite among young girls.

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