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The Grenada Revolution - Public bus system

In an effort to address transportation issues in Grenada, the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG) set up the National Transportation Service (NTS). The NTS was the first public bus system that was implemented alongside the private bus system. Improvement of transportation was one of the priorities for the PRG led by Maurice Bishop under the Grenada revolution.

Buses were imported from Japan to serve public passengers. A total of 26 buses were purchased, and reports were that 22 were used in the transportation system. Public bus also allowed for lower transportation fares to be paid by passengers, helping to lower transportation costs for the working class.

The NTS began operations in March 1982. Service started at 6:30am in the morning and ended at 10:30pm in the night. Buses travelling the Grand Anse route went up until midnight.

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Source: Grenada under the P.R.G by Michael Aberdeen

Source: By Our Own Hands A People's History of the Grenadian Revolution by Caribbean Labour Solidarity

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