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Grenadian Christmas traditions

The month of December is the Christmas season and there are traditions associated with this time of year. These traditions have been with Grenadians for many years, and many of us grew up with these traditions.

House cleaning

House cleaning has a symbolic meaning. It is the preparation of the home for the receipt of the Christ child or birth of Jesus on Christmas day. Families engage in deep cleaning their homes including changing of curtains, bed sheets, painting of the entire exterior of the house or rooms inside, washing of stairs, and vanishing of wood (in the case of wooden homes). Traditionally, house cleaning is done by women in the household except for specific tasks such as painting and vanishing.


Baking of delicious goodies associated with the season is anticipated by both the bakers and eaters alike. Baked goods include:

  • Fruit cake

  • Black cake

  • Sorrel cake

  • Bread

  • Coconut buns

  • Sweet potato pudding

Some of the baking starts before the busy Christmas season, although most if done on the eve of the eve of Christmas (Dec 23) and Christmas eve (Dec 24).

Watch how to make some of these baking dishes:

Note: Copyright to owners of You tube videos - Art But Food and Spice Island Cooking

Drinks preparation

There are certain drinks that are prepared and consumed at this time of year. These drinks are prepared for family consumption or for sale at the local markets or supermarkets. Drinks include:

  • Sorrel

  • Ginger beer

  • Ponche cream

  • Fruit wines

Prices can range from $25 upwards for a bottle of these drinks.

Sorrel Ginger Beer Ponche cream

Watch how to make some of these drinks:

Note: Copyright to owners of You tube videos - Spice Island Cooking

Visiting family and friends

This practice is done on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Persons visit their relatives and friends to spend time with them and spread the Christmas cheer and spirit. It is one of the traditions that has become less popular over time, but still remains.


The Christmas Day dance is a old tradition in which there is a community dance held on Christmas day. At the dance, couples come out and dance. The attire is usually red and white or white. Locations of the dance include schools or community centers.


Community serenading in which carol singing is done door to door by a group of community members is also practiced. The community of St. Pauls is an example of a community which practice community serenading using their steel pan orchestra, Comancheros.

Serenading tradition is particularly strong in the sister isles of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. The local Carriacou String band group does community serenading across the sister isles and even on mainland Grenada.

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