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Grenadian coconut confectionaries

Growing up as a Grenadian, there are confectionaries that make up the Grenadian lifestyle. These are sweet treats that are introduced as children and continue as part of our eating habits as adults. The main ingredient in these confectionaries is coconut.

Coconut is a large nut that is the fruit of the coconut tree. Coconut trees can be found on beaches, in backyards, and along the roadsides in Grenada.

Coconut candy

Coconut candy is made from grated coconut and uses colouring to obtain the pink colour of the final product.

Source: Spice Island DigiContent

Coconut candy

Coconut fudge

Coconut fudge is a classic sweet treat. Coconut fudge is made from coconut and is sold in cubes in clear bags in the market, shops or supermarkets. Coconut fudge was often peddled by children selling in the school as part of school life.

Learn how to make coconut fudge here:(72) HOW TO MAKE COCONUT FUDGE -Easy Recipe - YouTube

Source: Spice Island DigiContent

Coconut fudge

Groundnut sugarcake

Groundnut sugarcake is another classic treat. It uses peanuts, coconut and the spice, ginger. It is sold in clear bags and can be found in the local supermarkets, and vendors' market.

Learn how to make Groundnut sugarcake here: (72) Grenadian Groundnut Sugar Cake | @SpiceIsland Cooking - YouTube

Source: Spice Island DigiContent

Groundnut sugarcake

To learn to make Groundnut sugarcake - (72) Grenadian Groundnut Sugar Cake | @SpiceIsland Cooking - YouTube

Coconut buns

Coconut buns is a bun cake that is made from coconut. It includes raisins, cherries and other minced fruits for flavour. You can buy coconut buns whole or in slices at local supermarkets or by special order from local bakers.

Learn how to make coconut buns in this video:

Coconut drops

There is also coconut drops that are made from coconut. Coconut drops is oval in shape and contains raisins and often cherries.

Check it out here: Grenadian Coconut Drops - Buns- Tea Biscuits - NutmegSpiced

Source: Nutmegspiced

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